School Main Reception

Please note that school main reception hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
  • Friday: 8.00 am to 3.30 pm

School telephone number: 01623 464220

Email address:

daily timetable

Download the Daily Timetable [PDF]

mentor groups

Download the Mentor Groups 2019 - 2020

Absences - A Guide for Parents

What do I do if....

...I know in advance that my child will be away from school, for example for a dental or doctor’s appointment? Please submit the appointment card/letter to Mr J Crossland - Attendance Manager or contact the school via email or telephone.

...I wish to take my child away on holiday during term time? The school tries to discourage students from taking any holidays during term time. In the event of a request for holiday leave, a form can be completed and given to Mr J Crossland, Attendance Manager. This has to be ratified by the Head Teacher, who has sole discretion in the matter.

...My son/daughter is away from school and no prior notice has been given? Please telephone the office during the morning to confirm the absence. If a call has not been received a text message will be sent and school will contact home during the first days absence.

Please help us to minimise this administrative work by explaining absence on the first morning of the first day, or if you know of a future absence then please advise your child's mentor or contact the school via email or telephone.

Contact Details

Parents can help ensure that the school has accurate contact details by informing the school if there are any changes to phone numbers etc. during the year. Please complete a Student Information Form and return to the school main reception.

Download the Student Information Form [PDF]

student consent form

Download the Student Consent Form

The Nova Education Trust has deemed that students from Year 9 upwards can give their own consent. However this can only be the case where students fully understand their rights; if this is not the case a hard copy of the consent form will be given to parents/carers for completion.


Download the Cashless Catering Information Booklet [PDF]

Download the Biometric Consent Form for cashless catering

Medical Update Form

Download the Medical Update Form [PDF]

Educational Visit FORM

Please complete form EV4 each time your child goes on a visit organised by the school.

Download the EV4 Form [PDF]

School Privacy Notice

Download the School Privacy Notice [PDF]

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