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  • w/c 13th January 2020

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! 2020 has started at a frantic pace in Sixth Form and I am sure that the festive break seems quite some time ago! Although it has been very busy it has also been an exciting time for many of our students.

    For Year 13 students the UCAS process closed on the 15th January. All our students wishing to attend University have completed the process and conditional offers have already been made to many of them. For some students this will also involve an interview at University which is why we had the University of Nottingham deliver PSCHE this week to talk and practice their inte...

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  • Non-uniform day

    Raising funds for 'Children in Need' and 'Save the Children' charities

    Thank you to students and staff for raising £374.70 for 'Children in Need' and 'Save the Children' charities through a non-uniform day.

    Many thanks for the continued support.

    Posted 20/12/2019 by Whole School

  • w/c 2nd December 2019

    A busy week in The Garibaldi School Sixth Form

    It’s been a week that perfectly highlights the extremely different stages of a students' journey in post 16 education and the wide range of activities taking place in Sixth Form. Monday night was Sixth Form open evening and a chance for Year 11 – our future sixth formers – along with their parents to come and look at what the next exciting stage of education looks like for them. For Year 12 it was the start of looking at the UCAS application process and for Year 13 it was a week of preparation as they look towards completing their UCAS application process. Regardless of whether the students...

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  • Congratulations

    Year 9 student excels!

    Year 9 student Elliott Thompson received fantastic news this week as he has passed his Grade 5 ABRSM Music theory exam with Distinction. This is an absolutely fantastic achievement especially for someone in the first term of year 9! Elliott received 91 out of 100 which is amazing.

    Students must pass their grade 5 theory exam in order to go on to complete their higher practical exam grades (6-8) which are very challenging and carry UCAS points as a result.

    Elliott, after passing his grade 5 theory with the highest grading, plans to do his grade 6 piano in the March sitting. Miss Biggs...

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  • Sixth Form News

    Week Commencing 25th November 2019

    Another busy week in Sixth Form! For Year 13, following their mocks, it was their turn to take part in a PSCHE session with Mr Brennan and Miss Hadley based on ‘Outstanding Attitudes to Learning in Sixth Form’ after Year 12 had the week before. It was again a really student led session and by the end of it they could articulate what an outstanding sixth former looked like and then reflect on this and set themselves targets in terms of what they needed to do to move from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. The outcomes of the two sessions are below and I think it is clear to see that our sixth formers ...

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  • Gold Medal

    for Year 9 student

    Year 9 student Asha Scott, over the weekend, represented the East Midlands in the Challenge Cup Espoir and won the gold medal for Champion of Vault in gymnastics.

    Asha also achieved a bronze medal for 'All Round' performance.

    Congratulations Asha!

    Posted 25/11/2019 by Whole School

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